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Tiny Expressions

Personalized Halloween Plate

Personalized Halloween Plate

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Please allow 7 days for personalization. It's worth the wait, we promise!

Please allow 5 business days for personalization. It's worth the wait, we promise!

    • Add your child's name, nickname or monogram to this custom Halloween plate. Give your child a unique plate for everyday use that is just for them!
    • Each beautiful customized 10 inch plate is made from our revolutionary DecoWare™ Polymer that is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and even safe for conventional ovens. Each plate is 100% manufactured in the USA. 
    • These incredible DecoWare™ Polymer plates are non-toxic and free of BPA, melamine or formaldehyde. They're safe for kids of all ages to use and are designed to be unbreakable, making them great for grandchildren, young kids and toddlers too! BPA Free 
    • Our new and improved design is made with a beautiful matte finish to enhance the vibrancy of the colors and to reduce the visibility of scratches from silverware.

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