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Summer Play Date Ideas 

Ah, summer! The season of sunshine, flip-flops, and endless laughter. But if you're a parent, it's also the season of "I'm bored!" and "There's nothing to do!" Sound familiar? Well, fret not, sun-kissed warriors! We've got a scorching list of play date ideas that'll make this summer unforgettable.

1. Beach Bonanza! 

Grab your sunscreen, pack a picnic, and head to the nearest beach with your little ones and their pals. Let them build sandcastles fit for kings and queens while they also indulge in beach volleyball or frisbee.

Pro Tip: Create a scavenger hunt list of seashells, seaweed, and other beachy items. The team that finds everything first gets a popsicle reward!

2. DIY Mini Waterpark in the Backyard! 

Who needs a waterpark when you can create your own at home? Inflate a kiddie pool, set up a sprinkler, throw in some water balloons, and voila! Your backyard is now the hottest water attraction in town.

Pro Tip: Add a slide into the kiddie pool and use mild dish soap to make it super slippery. Slip-n-Slide? More like Slip-n-Fly.

3. Nature Adventure Quest! 

It's time to bring out the inner explorer in every child. Choose a nearby nature trail or park, equip them with magnifying glasses, and let them explore! From identifying plants to watching critters, it's educational and fun.

Pro Tip: Have a small prize for the child who spots the most unique bug or plant. Maybe a nature guidebook for their next adventure?

4. Outdoor Art Extravaganza! 

Get messy with an outdoor art day. Spread large sheets of paper on the ground and let the kids go wild with paints, chalks, and their bare feet! By the end, you’ll have a colorful masterpiece—and tons of laughs.

Pro Tip: Get one of our GIANT banners and let the kids color it outside!

5. Camping in the Great Backyard!

Set up tents in your backyard and have a camping night complete with storytelling, marshmallow roasting, and stargazing. The best part? No wild bears—only teddy bears!

Pro Tip: No tent? No problem! A couple of sheets and some chairs make for a great DIY tent. And don't forget the glow-in-the-dark stars!

6. DIY Ice Cream Parlor!

Beat the heat with the sweetest play date ever! Set up a DIY ice cream bar with various flavors and toppings, letting the kids build their dream ice cream cone or sundae.

Pro Tip: Throw in some unusual toppings like gummy worms, pretzels, or even a sprinkle of sea salt. You’d be surprised how many junior gourmet aficionados you might discover!

And Now? Have Fun!

Whether you’re looking to unleash the mini artists, explorers, or food critics in them, these play date ideas are sure to make this summer one for the books. So dive right in and enjoy the sun, fun, and giggles. Happy summering! 🌞🎈🍉

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April 25th, 2022

Summer Play Date Ideas

Giant Summer Coloring Banner

Summertime brings back all of the nostalgia of swimming, popsicles, playing outside, bbqs, and friends. For parents, it means no school! Enter: summer play dates. 

Here’s a list of our favorite ways to make your summer play dates memorable, fun, and colorful!

1. Our first piece of advice, pick a date and stick to it! Everyone has busy schedules with sports, birthdays, and activities so getting a date on the calendar is most important. Your kids will have something to look forward to once a date, time, and place are solidified.
Make it fun with our Coloring Calendar!

Undated Coloring Calendar

2. Snacks, all of the snacks! We love fresh, summer produce.
Sliced watermelon, peaches, and strawberries are always kid favorites and easily shareable.
Cucumbers, carrots & homemade ranch- there’s something about crisp homemade ranch in the summer with fresh dill. It’s always a hit!
Fresh lemonade, yum!
Better yet, stop by a local farmers market and let your kids explore all of the new seasonal fruits and veggies.

PRO TINY TIP: Bring a personalized plate to make every snack something to look forward to

Girl Standing Holding a unicorn plate with her name on it

3. Bring the color with giant activities!
Here are our favorite summertime coloring activities that are perfect for play dates.

Giant Summer Coloring Banner

Giant Summer Coloring Banner

Giant Ice Cream Truck Coloring Banner

Personalized Unicorn Coloring Poster

Our favorite way to save is by shopping our 3 pack Giant Coloring Banners! Perfect for bigger groups or multiple play dates. Do you have a summer play date on the books? Let us know what you have planned!

Giant Summer Coloring Banner
Giant Summer Coloring Banner
Giant Summer Coloring Banner
Giant Summer Coloring Banner
Giant Summer Coloring Banner
Giant Summer Coloring Banner
Giant Summer Coloring Banner
Giant Summer Coloring Banner
Giant Summer Coloring Banner
Giant Summer Coloring Banner

Giant Summer Coloring Banner

  • SUMMER FUN - Keep kids engaged and having fun this Summer! They can custom color or paint this adorable HUGE banner and be entertained for hours. Our summer banner features summer sports, sunflowers, picnic fun, pool toys, a lemonade stand and many more summer favorites!
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  • CLASSROOM ACTIVITY - This poster is perfect for an end of year classroom party! Homeschooling this year? It also makes a great art activity for homeschool or summer-themed parties.
  • FUN KEEPSAKE - Parents or teachers can hang this on their wall or bulletin board as a fun decoration to enjoy throughout the season.
  • PREMIUM PAPER - We use high-quality paper that is thick enough to withstand bleeding through of markers or acrylic paint. Our coloring banners are proudly designed by moms in the USA.

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