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7 Spook-tacular Family Activities for Halloween

Halloween is the spookiest, candy-filled, costume-clad time of the year! But it isn't just about the trick or treating. This Halloween, dial up the family fun and create some fang-tastic memories together. From pumpkin adventures to a very special coloring treat, we've conjured up a list that promises to be a hit for all little ghouls and goblins (and their grown-ups too!). So, grab your witches' hats, and let's dive into the fun!

Pumpkin Bowling

Grab some empty water bottles, paint spooky faces on them, and there you have it: ghostly pins! All you need now is a pumpkin (the small round ones work best) as your bowling ball. Set up your pins and let the fun begin!

Haunted Hide and Seek

This isn't your regular hide and seek game. Turn off all the lights, give the seeker a flashlight, and play some eerie background music. Those hiding can occasionally make ghostly whispers or light jingles to add to the suspense. Little ones will giggle with excitement!

Spooky Storytime

Gather around a faux campfire (safety first!), dim the lights and take turns telling spooky but kid-friendly tales. You can even craft your own stories with family members as characters. Throw in a silly twist, like Uncle Bob turning into a werewolf who loves to dance!

Mummy Wrap Race

For this, you'll need a few rolls of toilet paper. The goal? Turn someone in the family into a mummy as fast as you can! Team up and see which duo can wrap their mummy the quickest. Make sure to snap photos of your TP-clad loved ones!

Witch's Brew Sensory Bin

Fill a large container with spooky items for your little ones to discover. Think cooked spaghetti (worms), peeled grapes (eyeballs), and other eerie textures. Cover their eyes with a blindfold and let them guess what each item is. Laughter guaranteed!

Monster Dance Party

Curate a playlist of fun, spooky songs. Think: "Monster Mash", "Ghostbusters", or "Thriller". Clear some space, and let loose! The sillier the dance moves, the better. And why not end with a fun limbo session using a witch's broom?

Halloween-themed Giant Coloring Banner

Now, this one's a treat without the trick! We recently launched a brand new "Monster Mash" coloring banner that is perfect for any spooky Halloween get-together! Spread it out on the floor or tape it to the wall. Hand out some coloring tools and let the kids (and adults!) unleash their creativity. The best part? When they're done, you have a fun Halloween decoration for your home!

happy halloween giant coloring poster for kids

There you have it! Seven spine-tingling, laughter-inducing activities to make this Halloween unforgettable. Remember, it's all about the memories you make and the joy of being together. So, gear up and get spooky! 

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